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The portable mounting system will allow you the flexibility to move the Happy Hollow to multiple locations. It does not mount the Happy Hollow to the ground, but keeps the unit together in a secure manner.

or order by phone 314 813 8001      open Mon - Fri 9am -5pm CST


Determine what kind of mounting system you need.

In Ground

In Ground is the system that will mount your Happy Hollow to the ground, securely keeping it in one place. This system is usually for soft surfacing.

Surface Mount

Surface Mount is the system that will mount your Happy Hollow to the ground, securely keeping it in one place. This system is usually for hard surfacing.






Age Range

6 Months to 5 Years

Number of Children

6 - 11 Children

Number of Play Events


Unit Size

5' 7" X 5' 11" X 6' 2"

Foot Print

5' 7" X 5' 11"

Fall Height


Use Zones

6 - 23 Months:    11' 7" X 11' 11"

2 - 5 Years:         17' 7" X 17' 11"

Assembled Weight

285 lbs

Shipping Weight

360 lbs


UV stabilizers to help decrease color fade.

5 Years Bumper to Bumper

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Rotationally molded polyethylene with 


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Children will flip levers on the front of the mailbox with chimes and work with their whole arm to spin Bertie the Bluebird by the window.Each animal companion and even some of the plants, present tasks that work on the development of skills that will eventually lead them to be able to use a pencil, throw a ball, and many other motions that are necessities for growing children.


Children will find textures to trace their hands over, hear a symphony of sound from the different animals of the house, and see flashes of colors. The movement of colorful beads in Farah the Firefly will catch a curious eye. Carl the Caterpillar's colorful rings clink and clank together as a child grasps and pulls them. All of these activities help toddlers develop and grow.


The Happy Hollow was designed to encourage inclusive play in diverse classrooms. The interior and exterior keep play near the ground so that everyone can reach. Wether children are playing house in the fantastic interior or exploring the many small wonders on the outer shell, everyone can play together.


Designed to be mobile, the Happy Hollow fits well in both indoor and outdoor environments. Children can experience the nature-inspired elements of the structure outdoors, immediately connecting the insects and the animals to the area around them. Or on days when the weather is less than ideal, children can find a safe retreat filled with warm friends.


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