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My name is Kyle McLane and I came up with the concept for the Happy Hollow. I'm also the designer of the Happy Hollow. In partnership with AAA State of Play, we have developed the Happy Hollow to be manufactured and sold across the world. The manufacturer stands by this product and offers a warranty on all parts and they have a great reputation for customer service. I have a great deal of experience designing playground equipment for major playground companies such as Little Tikes. I came up with the concept and design for their Tot Tree over 20 years ago. You can now find the Tot Tree all over the world and it still holds a special place in my heart. My goal with the Happy Hollow was to take what I learned from the development of the Tot Tree and apply it to my new product, the Happy Hollow. We've taken early childhood play to the next level. Every square inch of  the Happy Hollow is designed to teach and entertain those little, impressionable minds. You will be amazed at how many things there are to do in and around the Happy Hollow. Endless fun for you and your kids.

There are whimsical elements I was able to sculpt on the inside of the Happy Hollow that really add to the kid's imaginative play sessions. There's enough room inside of the Happy Hollow that kids can actually stand up. That feature alone is something hard to find in a commercial playground playhouse. There is so much character designed in to the Happy Hollow, even individual play events are designed with a cuteness that kids will not be able to resist. It's easy to assemble and durable enough to withstand the constant hard play from an army of excited toddlers. There is no question that the Happy Hollow will be the new Gold standard in the early childhood market. I believe in this product so much that I have an invested interest in the product and I decided to become part of the sales force. I look forward to personally speaking with you as you purchase this ground breaking product, the Happy Hollow.

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