Happy Hollow is the latest and greatest thing for child development. Its various play events are designed to teach children important skills that will follow them for their lives.

Development Guide

Bertie the


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Fine Motor Skills

Children should be developing the tiny muscles in their hands, fingers, and wrists. At Happy Hollow children are working these tiny muscles, developing skills they will use throughout their life for tasks such as typing or eating.

Bella the Butterfly

Ferah the Firefly


Gross motor skills involve the larger muscles of the body in the arms, legs, feet, and body that create large movements. Happy Hollow encourages jumping, climbing, and balance that will work and develop those larger muscles.

Residents That Will Help With This

Bertie the Bluebird

Lily Ladybug

Marty the Mushroom

Gross Motor Skills

Auditory Stimulation

Auditory Stimulation is when focused sound is produced that creates an effect on the nervous system. Auditory stimulation in young children can improve gross and fine motor skills, memory, capacity, and speech perception.

Carl the Caterpillar

Shelly the Snail Drum

Ferah the Firefly

Residents That Will Help With This

Residents That Will Help With This