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Young children are like a caterpillar egg, small, delicate, and unique like no other. Yet, you can still see their potential for growth and learning. As they play at Happy Hollow they are becoming acquainted with new skills and capabilities as they work with their fingers and balance on their tiny feet, with the help of friends like Marty the Mushroom, Bella the Butterfly, and Carl the caterpillar.

Then they become like a caterpillar. This is the stage where they are growing rapidly, exploring and learning all at the same time. They are learning new ways to move their bodies as they climb up the Rock Climber or slide down the Leaf Slide. Or they are learning new talents with Shelly the Snail Drum

Then they undergo a transition as they learn and grow, developing their own personalities as they get out of their comfort zones. They are developing social skills by slipping mail through the mailbox or solving problems together with Bella the Butterfly.

Over time they become like a butterfly, as they confidently and comfortably use the skills they developed at Happy Hollow for other things. They can now write their name, identify colors and name animals. These skills will follow them through the rest of their life but came about with the simple presence of Happy Hollow.

Children will transform as they learn:

Gross Motor Skills

Animal Recognition

Sensory Stimulation

Watch Children Transform at Happy Hollow